Predation Substitute Courses

Discover with our online courses on ‘Force-Free Anti-Predation Training for Dogs’ the effective and empathetic method that can teach your dog to control its natural instincts and enable a safer and happier coexistence.

Call off the Chase

The PST Master Course

Teach your Dog to Stop Hounding Wildlife and Start Enjoying More Freedom on Walks by using Predation Substitute Training (PST)!

Instead of suppressing you dogs natural urges and feeling frustrated or stressed, PST shows you how use your dogs hunting desire and force-free methods to improve your relationship and training to a more relaxed and positive level!

Starting May ’23!

Oh Deer! Workshop

Live Online-Workshop

Is hunting your dog’s favorite hobby?

We dedicate one month to prey driven dogs and their humans! In live webinars, Simone and her co-trainer Sonja are going to show you how to use cooperative solutions to harness your dogs predatory behaviour and grow as a team!

So stop being the nagging factor who spoils the fun and…

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Instructor Course

PST for Professionals

PST will change the way you work forever! We show dog professionals how to control predatory behaviour with fun, force-free methods and amazing results, while also strengthening the dog-human bond.

The PST-Approach will not only help you to become a better trainer, it will also be an opportunity to stand out of the competition on the dog training market!

Become a PST-Trainer

About Me

Hi there! My name is Simone Mueller, and I’m a certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant (ATN.AG) based in Germany. I’m passionate about helping dogs and their guardians around the world through force-free anti-predation training. That’s why I founded “Predation Substitute Training (PST)”, a unique and effective program that stops uncontrolled predatory chasing and provides safe outlets for your dog’s natural drive. I’ve also written three books on the subject: “Hunting Together,” “Rocket Recall,” and “Don’t Eat That!” I’d love to share my knowledge and experience with you and help you and your furry friend live a happier and safer life together!

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