Call off the chase

The Predation Substitute Master Course

Teach your Dog to Stop Hounding Wildlife and Start Enjoying More Freedom on Walks

Are you tired of your dog’s chasing behavior? Do you want to provide your furry friend with suitable outlets for their high prey drive without causing harm? 

If you answer yes to some, or even all, of these feelings and thoughts, then this Master Course is for you:

✅ You are tired of seeing your dog disappear into the distance as they chase wildlife yet again

✅ You feel frustrated that your dog ignores you when you call them back

✅ You’re concerned that your dog’s prey drive is affecting your relationship with them

✅ You feel overwhelmed by your dog’s predatory behaviour and want to learn how to turn things around

I got you! Look no further than “Call off the Chase”!

Pointer dog learns looese leash walking
Pointer dog learns looese leash walking

This course by Simone Mueller, the founder of Predation Substitute Training™ and renowned expert in anti-predation techniques, will show you how to stop your dog’s predatory chasing by 

teaching them focus and engagement with you, so you feel safe to explore the environment together.

Simone’s force-free solutions are designed to create a happy and healthy bond between you and your dog, without the need for any harmful techniques.

Coming summer 2023!

“Call off the Chase” can help you to restore calm to your walks, and remove tension from the relationship you share with your dog. Using proven predation substitute training™ techniques to achieve long-lasting results.

Get ready to say goodbye to dreading dog walks, and hello to more freedom for you and your dog…

Get on the waitlist now and I’ll let you know, when the course finally starts:

What You Will Learn From “Call off the Chase”:

What predation is and why it is so important to your dog.

How to stop your dog from chasing wildlife uncontrollably, without using force or aversive methods.

How structuring your walks can set your dog up for success.

Exciting predation substitute games your dog can play which give them an outlet for their predatory needs.

How to interrupt your dog’s predatory behaviour safely and ethically.

And so much more, that will strengthen the bond between you and your dogs!

Can you imagine …

Visualize this with me for a moment:

Your dog watches and waits instead of chasing wildlife

Your dog stays happily in contact with you during your walks

You are able to fulfill your dog’s predatory needs through fun games

Your dog returns with a smile on their face when you call them off wildlife

You know how to support and guide your dog through stressful encounters with other animals

Sounds like a miracle? It isn’t! This is absolutely possible for you and your dog and I will show you how to use Predation Substitute Training™ successfully.

Hi there, nice to meet you!

Hi there, nice to meet you!

I’m Simone Mueller, and I’m a certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant (ATN.AG) based in Germany.

I’m passionate about helping dogs and their guardians around the world through force-free anti-predation training.

That’s why I founded “Predation Substitute Training (PST)™”, a unique and effective program that stops uncontrolled predatory chasing and provides safe outlets for your dog’s natural drive.

And now I’d love to share my knowledge and experience with you and 

help you and your furry friend live a happier and safer life together! 

Introducing “Call off the Chase”

The ultimate course for dog owners who want to teach their furry friends focus, engagement, and relaxation while providing them with suitable outlets for their high prey drive.

With force-free solutions, you can achieve the desired results without causing any harm to your beloved dog.

Sign up for the “Call off the Chase” – Waitlist today and embark on a journey towards a happier, safer, and more fulfilling relationship with your dog.

Client wins & kind words

Before Predation Substitute Training, I was being dragged behind my dog while she was gleefully chasing. Thanks to your clear and concise protocols, I was able to show her how we can hunt together! She is so driven to play the games with me, and it has strengthened our relationship and communication.

Joy S., USA

I was struggling with handling Lalo’s high prey drive and walks were a challenge for us as he would constantly hunt and chase squirrels hitting the end of the leash and barking. After learning about PST and partaking in a workshop, our walks have completely changed. Lalo has activities to fill his hunting needs and can sit at a distance and watch a squirrel. He is calmer on his walks and disengages on his own from squirrels to play his games.

Danelle K., Canada

Having been a street dog until 1.5 years old, my Border Collie mix Samson had a long reinforcement history with chasing animals – from rabbits to deer. His habit of merry-go-rounding when he saw animals made leash training that much more difficult and frustrating. Transitioning to calm ‘stalking’ was such a difference not only on my end of the leash, but was a much more natural and overall calm behaviour for Samson who was already feeling frustrated by his new city life. Could not recommend more!

Laura P., USA

… how different Simone’s approach is to the common things you hear about prey drive. Giving dogs appropriate outlets for their natural needs has always been a priority of mine and this course teaches you techniques and games that are exactly that. I enjoyed the videos that were filmed with her own dogs and client dogs after explaining the theory to see what the methods will look like in the real world.

Linda W., Australia

Now it’s your turn!