The Focus Challenge

15 days to achieve more Connection, Control & Freedom with your high (prey) drive dog

Exclusive Mini-Course with Simone Mueller, Founder of Predation Substitute Training

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Simone Mueller, dog training expert, author and founder of Predation Substitute Training ™

The Focus Challenge is tailored for dogs who love to chase. Within 15 days, it empowers you to transform your dog’s inattentiveness, fostering a stronger connection, engagement and control! 

Based on just ONE core game, this challenge enables you to regain your dog’s attention and focus back to you in a fun and effective way!

A proven step-by-step plan for empowering dog owners seeking a positive connection with their canine companions.

The essence of over 20 years of experience as a renowned dog trainer and expert in predation substitute training.

Wave goodbye to your dog’s inattentiveness and join us now for this 15 day dog training challenge:

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If any of these points resonate with you, the Focus Challenge is the perfect fit for you:


Your dog often displays signs of inattention during outings and at home, making it challenging to enjoy quality time together.

You miss a deeper connection and teamwork with your furry friend

You long for a deeper connection and greater teamwork with your furry friend, but their behavior often gets in the way.


You long for a deeper bond with your dog, but their lack of attention and engagement leaves you feeling disconnected.

Your dog is often inattentiv, stressed or distracted

Your dog’s lack of focus and impulse control make training sessions challenging and outdoor activities stressful.

You feel inable to control your dog outside

You can’t control your dog’s behaviour outdoors, leading to insecurity and fear of potential dangers, like harming wildlife.

You would love to give your dog more freedom, but he won't listen to you

You yearn to grant your dog more freedom, yet their lack of obedience holds you back from doing so.

This all comes down to one of the biggest struggles for dog owners:

How to teach your dog more focus and impulse control,

so they can stay in contact with you – no matter the distraction! 😍

And that’s why I would love to share my training approach with you in this challenge.

As someone passionate about assisting dog owners while showcasing that training can be both enjoyable and effective, I’ve developed The Focus Challenge.

Over 15 days, you’ll learn how to teach your dog more focus, more impulse control and more connetction, enabling you to navigate everyday situations with greater ease.

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I want more connection

Imagine this with me for a moment …

Imagine your dog willingly paying attention to you, noticing your signals, and working cooperatively with you.

Your outings would be more relaxed because you can rely on each other.

Even in exciting situations or when encountering wildlife, your dog can resist the urge to chase and calm down more quickly than before.

Perhaps one day, you could even allow them off-leash for more freedom, knowing your dog will reliably respond when needed.

About Simone Mueller

Founder of Predation Substitute Training 

Hey there, I’m Simone Mueller!

You know, the one who’s all about helping you and your furry friend conquer those pesky hunting instincts. With years of experience under my belt, I’ve been on a mission to make sure you both enjoy every step of the journey. So, let’s dive in together, shall we?

In the Focus Challenge awaits you:

More Focus & Impulse Control for your dog

Cultivate laser-like focus in your dog, making walks a breeze.

More Control & Safety

Leave anxiety behind as you step into new ways to gain control and safety, so you can both enjoy stress-free outings.

More Connection 🩷

Strengthen your bond with your furry friend, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

The essence of over 20 years of expierience

I specialize in predatoy behaviour and high-energy dogs.

100% force-free

for sustainable success in your human-dog everyday life.

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15 days to more connection, control and freedom

That’s in it for you

The ONE Game you have to know to shift your dogs innattentiveness into focus 

Daily video-lessons with different activities to train your dogs focus and impulse control with fun

A trusted step-by-step roadmap tailored to your and your dog’s needs

Instantly applicable exercises for your everyday life, seamlessly integrated for on-the-go moments.

Say goodbye to stressful walks and elevate a deeper bond and focus with your canine compagnion 

Success-Stories & kind words

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15 days to more connection, control and freedom

Topics in this challenge

The 1 Core game you need to know

How to implement it directly into real-life situations

how to achieve voluntary check-ins from your dog

Reasons for lack of focus & impulse control

which outlets to use for chasing & grabbing

which outlets to use for sniffing & searching

How to increase the difficulty levels so your dog can resist even wildlife scents and sights

Troubleshooting: Proven Solutions to get back on track

Even More Real life examples to navigate you & your dog to make most out of this challenge

Bonus: Community

Support Community to connect & get feedback!

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Start: May 5th, 2024

Let’s recap:

This Challenge is a perfect fit for you, if …

You’re eager to strengthen the bond with your furry friend while enhancing focus and impulse control.

You’re seeking practical training exercises that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

You’re committed to creating a stress-free and enjoyable outdoor experience for both you and your dog.

You’re ready to embark on a journey of growth and improvement in your relationship with your canine companion. 🩷

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Your Benefits

Whether you’re already an experienced dog guardian or have just adopted your pup, in this challenge, you get everything you need to succeed:

15 Days, 1 core game with daily tasks to easily implement the training into your daily routine.

15 Video-Lessons + Worksheets (one for each day)

You only need 10 minutes of training a day to see fast results

BONUS: Support Community to connect & get feedback!

BONUS: Lifelong access to this challenge!

Start: May 5th, 2024

Apologies, but the Challenge is already in progress.

Please join the waitlist, and I’ll notify you when the challenge becomes available again.

Ready to unlock your dog’s full potential?

Join the challenge now and start your journey towards a stronger bond and happier adventures together with me on May 5th, 2024!

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15 days to more connection, control and freedom