4 week online-workshop for dog owners

Oh Deer! – Predation Substitute Training™ for dogs that love to chase

Is hunting your dog’s favorite hobby? Instead of being the nagging factor who spoils the fun, start hunting together and grow as a team!

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This is what our online workshop “Oh Deer!” is all about:

Is your dog’s prey drive getting on your last nerve?

Do you want to change that and transform the predatory chasing from working against to working with your dog?

Are you looking for enjoyable walks and lasting relief for your everyday life together?

 Two dog trainers who specialize in Predation Substitute Training™ dedicate a whole month to prey drive dogs and their humans. And you can join our waitlist today!

Simone Mueller Predation Substitute Expert

Simone is a certified dog trainer and dog behaviour consultant (ATN). She is the author of the two books in the Predation Substitute Training series “Hunting Together” and “Rocket Recall”.

Sonja Rupp – Co-Trainer

Sonja is a certified dog trainer (ATN), and specialises in canine relaxation training. She dedicates herself to dogs with special needs and attention in training.

What you can expect from this course

Stop uncontrolled chasing and help your dog control their urge to chase in a healthy and force-free way.

Structure your walks to set your dog up for more focus and engagement outside.

Discover new ways to express predatory energy through Predation Substitute Games and grow as a team.

We guide you through the process

We help you to stop your dog’s predatory chasing by teaching him focus, engagement and relaxation and by giving him suitable outlets for his high prey drive.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to see real-life results.


What is predation? Why does your dog love to hunt so much? Why is predatory behavior so hard to interrupt?


A variety of games and exercises for all situations, instructed live by us and backed up with video material.


Instruction and individual feedback in a small group, custom tailored to work for you and your dog.


Every week there is time for your questions, we evaluate (voluntarily) submitted videos of your training and give you direct feedback to support you on your way.


Tackle all exercises at your own pace with the help of a workbook. It also serves as a basis beyond the course which you can always adapt to the current status of your training.


In order to create a space of mutual support for all participants, there is a separate Facebook group as a protected, moderated space. This way you can exchange views on where you are with your dog and get encouragement from the group.

Sorry, Doors are closed!
Please get on our waitlist, if you don’t want to miss the next round. Just enter your email-adress below  and we’ll let you know first, when the course starts again.

What our clients say

I was struggling with handling Lalo’s high prey drive and walks were a challenge for us as he would constantly hunt and chase squirrels hitting the end of the leash and barking. After learning about PST and partaking in a workshop, our walks have completely changed. Lalo has activities to fill his hunting needs and can sit at a distance and watch a squirrel. He is calmer on his walks and disengages on his own from squirrels to play his games.

Danelle K., Canada

… how different Simone’s approach is to the common things you hear about prey drive. Giving dogs appropriate outlets for their natural needs has always been a priority of mine and this course teaches you techniques and games that are exactly that. I enjoyed the videos that were filmed with her own dogs and client dogs after explaining the theory to see what the methods will look like in the real world.

Linda W., Australia

Before Predation Substitute Training, I was being dragged behind my dog while she gleefully chased cats. Thanks to your clear and concise protocols, I was able to show her how we can hunt together! She is so driven to play the games with me, and it has strengthened our relationship and communication.

Joy S., USA

Having been a street dog until 1.5 years old, my Border Collie mix Samson had a long reinforcement history with chasing animals – from rabbits to deer. His habit of merry-go-rounding when he saw animals made leash training that much more difficult and frustrating. Transitioning to calm ‘stalking’ was such a difference not only on my end of the leash, but was a much more natural and overall calm behaviour for Samson who was already feeling frustrated by his new city life. Could not recommend more!

Laura P., USA

Your Benefits:

  • a new way of understanding and training
    your dog
  • enjoy walks with your dog (again)
  • give your dog a secure & natural outlet
  • teach your dog to control his impulses
  • and strengthen your bond!

The structure of this course

The course is designed to fit perfectly into your everyday life, thanks to flexible online interactions, individual support and feedback, practice videos, zoom live calls plus recordings and Q&A that you can watch whenever it suits you. You’ll get further information when the course opens again.

Please get on one of our waitlists and we’ll let you know first, when the courses start again.

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