Predation Substitute Training

Force-free anti-predation training for dogs that love
to chase.



Discover the fundamentals of Predation Substitute Training™ (PST) alongside your canine companion!

🐾 Are you tired of wrestling with your dog’s uncontrollable urge to chase wildlife? 🐾 Do you wish to channel your furry friend’s natural drive into a safe and rewarding outlet?

Look no further! My new comprehensive online course, “Call off the Chase” is tailor-made to provide you and your dog with a transformative training experience.

Behavior modification training, workshops and books for people with dogs that love to chase

Hunting is your dog‘s favourite hobby? – Go hunting together!

Predation Substitute Training™ (PST) is a motivation-based and need-oriented training program, designed to stop uncontrolled predatory chasing and to provide safe outlets for your dog’s natural drive.

It’s a game changer. It totally changed my relationship with my dog and how I see him.

Simone manages to explain an actually complex topic in a simple and understandable way. ”

“These exercises will help with training and your bond so its a win win.”

Hi, I’m Simone!

Nice to meet you

I’m a certified dog trainer and dog behaviour consultant (ATN.AG) from Germany. I specialise in forcefree antipredation training, called Predation Substitute Training (PST), created several online-courses on this topic, and I am also the author of the three books “Hunting Together”, “Rocket Recall” and “Don’t Eat That!”.

I’m proud to be an Associate Trainer at the Scotland-based Lothlorien Dog Training Club (AT-LDTC) and a member of both the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE).

Call off the chase

The Predation Substitute Training Master Course 

Are you looking for enjoyable walks and lasting relief for your everyday life together? But your dog’s prey drive is getting on your last nerve? Do you want to change that and transform the predatory chasing from working against to working with your dog?

Help is coming your way! My newest online-course ‘Call off the Chase’ provides you with my proven 4-step-strategy for force-free Predation Substitute Training™.

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“Stalking Game”

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The Predation Substitute Training™ series is here to help you and your dogs. Check out my books “Hunting Together”, “Rocket Recall” and “Don’t Eat That!”.


Onlinecourses, live workshops & more to help you and your dog to build a stronger bond and give you a lasting solution to predatory behaviour.

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PST will change the way you work forever! We show you how to control predatory behaviour with fun, force-free methods and amazing results for your clients, while also strengthening the dog-human bond. 

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Instead of making discipline the nagging factor that spoils the fun, this training system will help dogs and their guardians to grow as a team and go hunting together.

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