Become a professional

Predation Substitute Instructor

to help dogs with a high prey drive

In this 10-week course we’ll show you how to teach your clients to manage their dog’s predatory behaviour with fun, force-free methods and amazing results. All while strengthening the dog-human bond between them and their dogs!

Start: November 2024 
For dog trainers & other dog professionals

Predatory behaviour is an issue for many dog lovers – learn how you can help them!

Mastering Predation Substitute Techniques is a must for any professional aiming to skillfully address challenges faced by owners of dogs with strong predatory instincts. This course will show you how you can help your clients to enjoy relaxed walks and a deeper connection with their dogs.

Are you ready to transform your approach and become the go-to expert for controlling canine predatory instincts?

We equip Dog Professionals with Predation Substitute expertise!

Pointer dog learns looese leash walking

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The Predation Substitute Training™ Instructor course will start again in November 2024. You can already leave your email address to be notified as soon as it is released.

This is what you will learn…

Mockup for Predation Substitute Training Instructor course showing a laptob, tablet, smartphone and handouts with course material

✅ What’s really behind predatory behaviour

How to transform predatory chasing by working with the dog, instead of against them

How to ensure enjoyable walks and lasting relief become a reality for your clients & their dogs

How to achieve more motivation by using special training games to keep your clients going and growing

Modern and force-free methods to achieve better, long-lasting results

Detailed tutorials and training plans to implement these methods in your professional work

This is the only course for professional PST Instructors in 2024.

To offer you the best support, our spots will be limited. Please get on our waitlist now, so we can reach out to you, when our doors open again!

Pointer dog learns looese leash walking

This course for dog professionals by Simone Mueller, the founder of Predation Substitute Training™ and renowned expert in anti-predation techniques.

Her goal is to empower dog professionals around the world by providing them with useful and force-free solutions to predatory behaviour issues in dogs.

Simone’s force-free solutions are designed to create a happy and healthy bond between dogs and their humans, without the need for any harmful techniques.