Oh Deer!

Predation Substitute Training for dogs that love to chase

 Two dog trainers who specialize in Predation Substitute Training dedicate a whole month to to help high prey drive dogs and their humans. As a PST Instructor, you can join us today and get unique insights into how we work with our clients!

What we teach in this course

Stop uncontrolled chasing and help your client’s dogs control their urge to chase in a healthy and force-free way.

Structured walks to set your client’s dog up for more focus and engagement outside.

Discover new ways to express predatory energy through Predation Substitute Games and grow as a team.

Let’s elevate your pst Skills!

In ‘Oh Deer!”, we help our attendees to stop their dog’s predatory chasing by teaching them focus, engagement and relaxation and by giving them suitable outlets for his high prey drive.

You can learn from us and adapt new insights and techniques into the work with your own clients!

Refresh the Basics

What is predation? Why does your dog love to hunt so much? Why is predatory behavior so hard to interrupt?


A variety of games and exercises for all situations, instructed live by us and backed up with video material.

Live Webinars

There will be weekly zoom-calls full of information. The perfect foundation for successful and motivated Predation Substitute Training.


Our workbook serves as a basis beyond the course which you can always adapt for your training and clients.


You will get a special course certificate acknowledging your enhanced capabilities

We guide you through the process

Simone Mueller – Predation Substitute Expert

Simone is a certified dog trainer and dog behaviour consultant (ATN). She is the founder of Predation Substitute Training.

Sonja Rupp – Co-Trainer

Sonja is a certified dog trainer (ATN), and specialises in canine relaxation training. She dedicates herself to dogs with special needs and attention in training.

Your Benefits:

…understand your clients even better!

  • You’ll gain insights into how to work with beginners, enhancing your understanding of your target audience—dog owners with hunting dogs. This workshop also offers practical techniques that you can incorporate into your own training sessions.

…stay updated with the latest techniques!

  • Dog training is always evolving. “Oh Deer!” ensures you stay at the forefront of PST, offering fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to keep your training effective and engaging.

…refresh your memory!

  • Revisit and rediscover exercises, games, and resources that you can integrate into your training programmes, enriching the experience for both you and your clients.

…have some questions answered!

In the live Q&A sessions you can clarify any questions directly with Simone, ensuring you stay at up-to-date with Predation Substitute Training.


On June 16th, we open the gates to our Warm-up Module for ‘Oh Deer’! Please make sure to take a look at it to be prepared for the following live-calls and our weeks together.

Can’t wait to start!

From June 17th, there will be four live sessions of around 90 minutes each Monday at 7 p.m. CET (Central European Time – which is 6 p.m. in the UK and 1 p.m. in Washington D.C. in the USA – there will be a recording in case you can’t make it.)

In these live sessions you are a spectator only, to keep it on a beginners level for the attending dog owners. Please note: ‘Oh Deer’ is a beginners course originally.

During our live sessions you get input and instructions from Simone and Sonja. Demo teams will be instructed live. In this way you can observe the implementation step by step from the beginning.

You will also learn a lot about the problems and questions of dog owners. This will equip you with great insights for the sessions with your own clients!

You can ask questions and discuss topics in detail in a instructor-only Q&A afterwards!

 At our last appointment on June 8th, we are going to evaluate how the course has worked for our attendees so far and how you can continue in the future.

The online sessions are recorded and remain accessible to you in the course area for one more month, too. So you can rewatch again at any time and adapt the training pace to you and your dog.

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Instructor Edition

A 4 week online-workshop for dog owners! You’ll get insights into how we work with beginners, helping you to better understand the clients with hunting dogs. 

instructions & support from Sonja & Simone

4x 90 minutes live online-sessions (you are a spectator) plus recordings

4 exclusive live Q&A sessions for instructors only (right after the live session with all attendees)

workbook (pdf) with all training-tools & exercises

Special Course certificate acknowledging your enhanced capabilities

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