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Prey drive in dogs

What works and what doesn’t

Join me in this FREE webinar to debunk the most common misconceptions about predatory behaviour in dogs and learn about the 4 point formula that will really help you to stop your dog chasing wildlife.

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True or false?

Have you come across these tips about predatory behavior in dogs? Have you tried some on your dog, but failed to see any improvement?

>> Getting your dog neutered will reduce their prey drive

>> Squeaky toys and tug toys make predatory behaviour worse

>> If your dog loves to chase, only feed them from your hand

>> Doing nose work will increase your dog’s predatory behaviour

>> Raw feeding your dog will make them want to catch and kill prey

>> Positive dog training does not work with predation!

Let me show you which tips are false and which will bring you real solutions and relief for you and your dog!

Pointer dog learns looese leash walking

Hi, I’m Simone Mueller, the founder of Predation Substitute Training™ and expert in anti-predation techniques for dogs.

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