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Black Paw Day

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DEAL 1 – 250 € off

PST Master Online-Course

Call off the chase

Teach your dog to stop hounding wildlife and start enjoying more freedom on walks

This course is best choice, if you want to learn it all and delve deeeeep into Predation Substitute Training

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Learn the Fundamentals of Predation Substitute Training to Stop Your Dog from Hounding Wildlife and Start Enjoying More Freedom on Walks. Without using force or aversive methods!

“Call off the Chase” is a comprehensive and self-paced online course – helping you to gain control over your dogs predatory behaviour, restore calm to your walks, and remove tension from the relationship you share with your dog. Using only proven and force-free Predation Substitute Training techniques to achieve long-lasting results.

USE Coupon 'blackpaw' at Checkout!

Understand your dogs predatory behaviour

What is predation, why is it so important to your dog and how to manage it ethically, and with real results


Structure your walks to set your dog up for success

Predation Substitute Tools:

Help your dog control their urge to chase in a healthy way when you meet wildlife

Predation Substitute Games:

Discover new ways to express predatory energy in a safe, controlled environment

Safety net:

Build a strong “emergency cue” to immediately interrupt predatory chasing.

DEAL 2 – 50 % off


Hunting together

Harnessing Predatory Chasing in Family Dogs Through Motivation Based Training


Rocket Recall

Unleash Your Dog’s Desire to Return to You through Motivation-Based Training


Don’t eat that!

Force-Free Food Avoidance Training for Dogs who Love to Scavenge

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Hi there, nice to meet you!

Hi there, nice to meet you!

I’m Simone Mueller, and I’m a certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant (ATN.AG) based in Germany.

I’m passionate about helping dogs and their guardians around the world through force-free anti-predation training.

That’s why I founded “Predation Substitute Training (PST)”, a unique and effective program that stops uncontrolled predatory chasing and provides safe outlets for your dog’s natural drive.

This special BLACK PAW DAY DEALS are designed to

help you and your furry friend live a happier and safer life together!